Conditions for registered students

Gleam Concept

Thank you for choosing Gleam. Carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this site to ensure that Gleam is for you. Gleam is a course portal for facial yoga.

Gleam Overview

The following terms and general terms (hereinafter referred to as "terms") are described together with the privacy policy, the requirements to use our website which is accessible via the domain: (hereinafter "website" ") or through its application (hereinafter "Gleam"). The Terms set out the terms of access to the websites, services and applications offered to users. If you partially or completely disagree with the terms and conditions, you should not install or use the Service. In this sense, you agree to use GLEAM's services to be bound by these terms and conditions and by any changes that Gleam unilaterally makes to them, solely by continuing to use the said services and you declare:

1. You have read and understood the terms.

2. You assume all the obligations and responsibilities reflected in these Terms.

3. You are over 18 years of age and have legal understanding.

If Gleam notices that there is a minor customer, the member profile will be automatically removed. In that case, the customer must prove that they are over 18 years of age.

We inform you that Gleam is formed by Gleam as Gleam ApS and WouBiz Holding ApS. Gleam is responsible for the management of the Gleam website and Gleam. Likewise, the management of customers, and the communication with all customers from all countries, is done on the Gleam website or the Gleam app. In any event, Gleam or its affiliates will be responsible for any decision made by a Gleam customer against Gleam.

These terms apply from April 1, 2022. Gleam may at any time update, change or withdraw these terms, without prior notice to its customer, and without being liable to customers for such action. Upon the entry into force of the Terms, users must agree to the terms of continuing to use the services offered by Gleam. Customers must also be kept up to date with the conditions.

• 1. Service Provider

The owner and service provider is GLEAM APS (hereinafter "Gleam"), located at Finsensvej 80 A, living room, 2000, Frederiksberg (Denmark) with the following CVR number: 39163780.

• 2. Registration

The use of the services offered by Gleam requires prior registration of its customers. Customers must select the "Create" option displayed on the website. During the registration process, potential customers must include their identification information, which varies depending on whether the customer is a legal entity or a legal entity. In any case, all potential customers must accept these terms and conditions in order to be registered on Gleam.

Each customer will have their own user profile, password and administrator account to access their personal account. The customer must always protect his profile and password. Any damage that may occur as a result of negligence, disclosure or loss must be personally borne by the customer. The customer is always responsible for the use and access to their profile. Upon registration, the customer must provide accurate and up-to-date information. Among other information, the customer must provide his personal information and contact information.

Registration on the website involves the processing of customer data performed by Gleam, which is the data controller. For more information on how Gleam processes your data, please read our Privacy Policy

• 3. Rules of use

The customer agrees to comply with the conditions and behave in accordance with law, public order and good ethics. In this way, customers undertake to make appropriate use of the Gleam website or app, and to avoid any kind of illegal or criminal activity or any other activity that is contrary to any applicable legal provision. By way of example and not exclusively, the customer undertakes the following:

a. Always adhere to the conditions. If the customer is dissatisfied with the management performed by Gleam or with the treatment provided by Gleam, the customer must stop using the services offered by Gleam.

b. Do not make offensive comments, such as racist, xenophobic, excuses, pornographic or human rights comments against other customers or Gleam,

c. Do not publish, upload, distribute or disseminate inappropriate, offensive, infringing, obscene or illegal content, names, material or information such as: explicit or implicit pornographic content through Gleam.

d. Do not publish or enter information that involves the disclosure or breach of communication secrets or that is in violation of the Data Protection Regulation.

e. Do not create fake profiles.

f. Do not share or transmit any information or content from third parties, regardless of the media used.

g. Do not upload content that may be considered illegal or unfair advertising.

h. Do not upload photographs or information about minors or any other content related to minors, without the express consent of Gleam.

i. Do not present false or misleading, ambiguous or inaccurate content to communication recipients.

j. Do not create a false identity for the purpose of misleading others.

k. Do not violate any applicable laws or regulations.

l. Do not use Gleam for unfair competition or commercial purposes

m. At no time can Gleam be held responsible for the user's health, injuries or defects in connection with or as a result of the teaching on the course / online teaching at Gleam. All participation in teaching, courses and events held by Gleam is thus at your own risk.

It is also the customer's own responsibility for courses, workshops, etc. to inform about matters such as pregnancy, hypermobility, illness, mental conditions or the like that may be relevant in relation to the teaching. It is also your own responsibility for courses, events, etc. to take care of their own cases, valuables, etc .. Parents also have the full responsibility for their own, brought children in connection with. events in Gleam.

Gleam reserves the right to move or cancel a course in case of too few registrations or force majeure.

n. The customer undertakes not to claim or claim any liability from Gleam for damages that may have been caused by the above conduct, as well as any other derivative conduct. In addition, the customer declares to hold Gleam indemnified for any legal liability that arises as a result of any member's breach of duty in relation to these terms and conditions. Furthermore, Gleam reserves the right to claim compensation against its customers.

The customer undertakes not to claim any liability from Gleam for the damages that may be caused by the above behavior, as well as any other similar damage. By accepting these terms, the customer declares to hold Gleam free from any legal liability due to the member's breach of its obligations in relation to these terms and conditions. Gleam reserves the right to demand the appropriate compensation and compensation corresponding to this from its customers.

• 4. Customer

Gleam provides an em platform where the customer can buy and perform online courses.

• 5. Exclusion of users

Gleam unilaterally reserves the right to prevent the registration of customers, as well as to delete the profile of any customer without warning and without the need for justification if customers do not comply with these conditions.

Deletion of the profile will result in loss of the profile, as well as loss of associated purchases and payments made under the profile. Under no circumstances does the deletion of the profile generate a right to compensation for damages in favor of the customer.

Based on the Gleam assessment, you can, due to the given circumstances in the case, choose whether you want to delete the member's profile or blacklist the customer.

• 6. Customer information

Members with a brand profile must register as new users and must fill in the fields requested on the site, such as:

•    email address

•    First and last name

• Password

Customers will be able to view their personal data on the Gleam platform and can update or correct them if necessary.

Every customer can unsubscribe from the Gleam website. Customers can consult the data processed by Gleam until the customer unsubscribes. Customers are automatically deleted when they unsubscribe from their profile. In any case, backups are deleted every five days, while non-Gleam profiles are deleted every night. You can find more information about Gleam data processing in the privacy policy included on our website.

For further information or questions, customers can contact Gleam customer service via the e-mail address:

Gleam will always strive for a minimal response time and is committed to offering its customers a serious, individual and personal treatment through every message.

In general, the information from the customer is not transferred to other customers or third parties unless the customer agrees to share content on their Gleam profile, or due to legal obligation. In any case, Gleam will request the express permission of the customers in question so that customers are free to revoke such consent at any time.

For more information on the processing of customer data performed by Gleam, please read the section on privacy policy at


• 7. Gleam communication with its customers

Communication between customers always takes place via e-mail. If customers are unable to contact each other, Gleam can help contact the customer in another way. The communication between Gleam and its customers can be done via the platform, social media, mobile number or WhatsApp, if these are entered upon creation. It is therefore your responsibility to verify that the data provided is correct, and to inform us if any changes occur in it.

• 7.1 Validation policy

It is a priority for Gleam to avoid the existence of fake profiles. For the same reason, the validation of the registered profiles will be examined by Gleam to ensure this purpose.

If there is a suspicion, Gleam can contact the customer to validate its authenticity, Gleam can also directly determine the quarantine of the profile (blacklist) on a discretionary basis, without justification or prior notice.

Gleam may, in its sole discretion, decide on the most appropriate way to prove the identity of the profile. Gleam may request the customer to submit specific documentation to confirm its identity. The customer must send such documentation within a reasonable time otherwise the Gleam deletes the profile without warning to the customer. In that case, the customer can not claim compensation or compensation from Gleam or any of its partners. If Gleam discreetly chooses to blacklist the member's profile, it will be disabled and will no longer be automatically visible to the rest of the Gleam customers

• 8. Intellectual property and industrial property.

All intellectual and industrial property rights in connection with the works, content or services offered on the website or in Gleam belong to the rightful owner Gleam ApS.

The following elements fall into this category as examples but not exclusively of: texts, graphics, logos, images, digital downloads, databases, data collection, software, icons and technologies, audiovisual and audio content, website design and source code, among others. It is also expressly forbidden for customers or third parties to use the trademarks "Gleam", "" and "WouBiz Holding ApS", as well as other brands included on the website that may be protected as intellectual property or industry.

Copying, reproduction or distribution, in whole or in part of the content on the website or Gleam, regardless of support or technical means, without the written permission of, or its partners, is expressly prohibited.

The customer undertakes to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights owned by Gleam ApS, and declares that he / she is the exclusive owner of the content that he / she shares or incorporates on the website or in Gleam, which may be protected by intellectual or industrial property rights.

The customer may only use the Gleam platform for strictly private or personal use, which prohibits any other use without the express permission of Gleam.

Likewise, by the mere use of the platform, the customer grants Gleam a free "license" for the content or publications it shares, including images, names and links, as well as the right to public communication, reproduction and distribution, in all forms of exploitation , which exists during the period of validity of the subject of the license for transfer to Gleam ApS and other companies in the group.

• 9 Ownership

WouBiz Holding ApS is the owner of Gleam ApS.

Terms of trade

The following terms and conditions set forth the legal terms and conditions applicable to customers and Gleam.

• 1 Service functions

o 1.1 Subscription agreement

Customers can benefit from the subscriptions offered by Gleam. The subscription agreement is a fixed monthly payment for using the services that Gleam offers its customers.

The customers' subscription can be terminated at any time via the platform, by deleting the brand profile. Nevertheless, deleting the profile does not automatically cancel the subscription. The customer must repay the outstanding amount in full. Removing the profile therefore does not release the customer from continuing to pay their subscription until the cancellation of the service is confirmed by Gleam.

The subscription agreements entered into by a customer are effective for one month and are automatically renewed every month thereafter, unless the customer terminates the subscription.

• 2 Payment and payment security

The prices of the subscriptions available to the customer are displayed on the current and current page. Payment must be made by the customer when the invoice is issued and sent to the email address provided by the customer.

We inform you that payments made with Gleam's payment system meet security conditions and are properly protected.

To see payment and banking information, you can check it by logging in to the platform and opening the "Admin" tab. Here is your payment statement with the concept: "".

• 3 Order confirmation

Once the purchase is confirmed, you will receive an email with an invoice attached via email. We remind you to keep a copy of the email and the terms of purchase as long as you subscribe to our services. You can check our subscription terms in section 1.1 above).

• 4 Right of return and right of withdrawal

The products and services purchased via the platform can not be returned, except in cases where such a return has been agreed between the parties.

In general, the right of withdrawal does not apply to transactions made by the parties, except those expressly and absolutely provided by law. In this case, the customer must claim the right directly. In this context, Gleam or some of its partners are in no way responsible for the customer's non-compliance.

• 5 Enable / Disable service

The customer can unsubscribe, cancel their Gleam account or remove the Gleam app from their device by logging in to their profile. However, deactivating access to services does not release the customer from continuing to pay the overdue subscription amounts.

• 6 Taxes: VAT

Please note that the VAT amount is included in the final prices.

• 7 Legislation, Disputes and Competent Jurisdiction

In the event of any dispute or disagreement arising under or in connection with these Terms or the Agreement, including a dispute or disagreement as to the Terms or the validity of the Agreement, such dispute or disagreement will be referred to and resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.

• 8 Contact

In case of questions or discrepancies, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to the address: